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Here I go again after a few years of not posting anything and just liking everything else :P Man now that i look back i wasted too much time ang opportunity to be had here in Deviantart and even in real life. Time to move on though and close the gap of that lost time - no more shoulda-woulda-coulda from this point on. Just focus on taking small steps forward...even just baby steps as long as one is moving forward. Life always gets in the way as we say but it's just an excuse as do most things we say to ourselves when we haven't made it yet or more specifically in the field of art - we are not "in" yet. It has always been You vs You and it's one hell of a battle to kept fighting oneself (bad habits, decisions, & Time Management). I've learned a lot of things the hard-way unfortunately but one things for sure...I never gave-up and never will. I believe this is my calling in life - to be an illustrator, and do good art, show my ideas, and tell my stories :D It took a while to find out specifically what i want to do as an artist as art is essentially limitless to what one can do. Along the line of mistakes & discovery i was able filter-out and slowly but surely pinpoint what really inspires mo to draw, what makes me itch to be creative, and that my friends is story-telling. I'd say w/o an ego that i can do cool art. Like art for trading card game (TCG) and would still love do do that once in a while too but i've picked to concentrate and to better myself in story-telling instead. I've lived and is still living a colorful life full of hardships & simple happiness :) and i'd love to share the knowledge form my experiences in life both good and bad to anyone or everyone willing to give me some of their precious time in reading books I'll be working on that I'll be putting my heart, body, & soul into. Keep an eye out ;)

tidbits of the important things i've learned that i'd like to share for people in or about to finish college, may it be animation, illustration or other related fields:

- while still in school: be professional (you're already are) - your classmates, friends, & teachers etc. may be your employers in the future. 
- Getting good grades isn't everything (it's actually useless in the field) be more concerned of learning as much as you can and to do the best you can in each assignment or project etc. Push yourself to practice & learn even more than the required projects - if you're asked to do a painting of a lizard - make a T-Rex instead :D it's gonna be harder or more challenging but if you manage to do it then the reward for doing so will be worth it ;) The industry we're in look at what you've created...what sets you apart from others and those are your ideas and creative work that you have in your portfolio...this is what really matters after school. 
-Do freelance jobs and build up your connections and clients and knowledge of the industry early in your career...once you're done with college you'd be happy that you did in comparison from not knowing what to do once you graduate or even if you don't.
-If by chance you're still unsure what path to take after school or how to get there, don't worry or over-think what you should do or how you will find it - you'll get there sooner than later as long as you stay creative and active specially online and on social networks - do fanarts, tributes, short stories whatever you like while figuring things out and take advantage of technology and all the wonders it brings and stay connected. My teacher once told us that a mediocre artists that creates art on a regular basis are better than great artists that creates great art once in blue moon. This speaks a lot to a possible client as one produce art that is Ok but is reliable to be productive & have great potential to improve rather than the amazing one but only does art on a whim. Exposure is the key.  Keep building up your fanbase & your portfolio creating a better piece than the previous one. Volume of work or better yet Quality of work is what counts in the end.
-don't take Free Internship (it's F***** up) Time is Gold....don't waste it on people, studio, or company that doesn't respect you enough to compensate for your hard earned skills & talent. You'd be better off working on a minimum paying job but you get to do the art you'd always love to do than slave over or do art that's not in your interests just so you could 'get-by' or tell yourself you're 'in'. Know the true value of your time and the work you produce and demand it as you didn't go to study in an expensive field and be paid $10 for a drawing even if it only took you 30mins or less to create've studied 4 yrs or more to be that fast and that good so get your fair compensation for it. If they complain that's it's expensive or they only have this much budget then get the hell out & don't take the job as you'd only be demeaning yourself and most specially other artists that slaves away to master their craft (Handbook of Pricing & Ethical Guidelines is one of the best book i have that tells us what's the real worth of art we're producing). I'm not saying it's all bad but you'd be happier doing art that actually matters to you than doing it because it's a Job. I'm saying this coz' sooner than later if you work hard enough for your art people will notice it - there's always a market for everything so for now concentrate on creating good/great art that you will soon follow afterwards. Oh btw internships that compensates for something even if it is low is fine in my opinion as long as you are actually being Mentored by a professional and are taught of the ways of the industry. Don't be baited by empty promises such as public exposures or a possible job position after your internship is over as most of the time they'd just get a new intern after you - it's a vicious cycle that would only happen if we let it. Trust me i've been there. Watch the master Stephen Silver on what he has to say about this kind of things and the big impact it has on current industry. Totally worth your time. Here's the link to save you more of your time (aren't i nice ;) ):…

Well i can go on and on about other things i have learned but maybe some other time. Though if you have any other questions you'd like to ask then post it here and i'll answer it to the best of my knowledge.

All The Best,

Gerald Gozun Pasion
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Henna Yupak
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